October 19, 2012

thank you

One final post to say THANK YOU again to all the amazing and talented friends who participated in our carnival. We loved visiting all of you and seeing the absolutely incredible parties you created.
The list of winners and prizes from our drawings can be found HERE or HERE
Congratulations to everyone and thank you again.
Have a beautiful, spooky, enchanting, bewitching Halloween!


October 05, 2012

Welcome to Le Mysterieux Carnival

The gates are open.

A shadowy figure waits patiently for your silver ticket and calliope music starts to fill the haunted woods.
Step right up to the comment section to add your party link. Then grab some popcorn and candy floss and enjoy the festivities.
Feel free to return often as participants will be adding their booths throughout the day. All participants will be entered into a drawing for fun carnival prizes.
Don't forget to visit our booths below for extra fun and surprises and don't forget to visit us at Frosted Petunias and Incipient Wings.
Thank you for sharing your amazing talent and magic. See you when the moon rises!
Have a super spooky, magical, fantastic Halloween!

September 30, 2012

The count down begins

This is it carnival lovers and freaks! Carnival week starts today and we're counting down to the big party. We're still getting last minute sign ups so if you think you can get a party post together by the end of the week you're welcome to join in the fun.

A quick reminder again to check the sidebar for your blog name. Check to make sure the link is correct. If you need to back out of the party we would appreciate a quick email so we can take your name off the list.

The party post will be HERE on Friday for all the early birds. Please make sure you add your link to that post and not to this or any of the previous ones. This is to make sure we don't miss any one's amazing party.

Also a quick note on word verification. Some bloggers don't mind having to deal with it while others find it annoying during a blog party. Word verification helps to protect your blog from potential spammers and blog parties tend to bring them out. I have been very lucky with all my parties and have not had a problem with spammers in the past but a few people say they have. Turning off word verification makes it a little easier when people are commenting on dozens of posts. If you are comfortable turning it off it would be nice and if you choose to leave it on that is fine too. We're all here to share our creativity and enjoy the season and I know we can all respect each other's choices.

It's going to be a mad and crazy week while we put the finishing touches on our parties. But I can smell pumpkin spice and candy floss amid the tall oaks and mighty pines. My tophat is getting a final dusting of glitter and our carnival outfits are ready and waiting. We can't wait to see you in the haunted woods...