Les Mysterieux Carnival was created by two art bloggers who became great friends. We both started blogging in January 2010 and became friends through the first Practical Magic blog party. Marfi blogs at Incipient Wings and Anna at Frosted Petunias. We are mixed media artists, cat (and dog) fanatics, collectors of all things sparkly and moms. We hate the heat, glitter obsessively and are hopelessly addicted to frosting. Marfi is working on her very own magical gypsy wagon. Anna is dreaming of a way of getting her own gypsy trailer so she can visit Marfi and gossip all night over cupcakes and bowls of Spanish rice.

We created this blog party to share our love of Halloween and fascination with the curious world of the traveling carnival. We are having tons of fun putting it together for you and can't wait to see all of your amazing parties and creations in October. So get your ticket today and join us for a walk through the woods. To a slightly darker side of whimsy :)