September 09, 2012

Get your tickets

Hi everyone. Just under one month left before the carnival! The first signs of fall can be seen here and early morning chill and the golden late afternoon sunlight are sure signs of my favorite season. I already bought my first pumpkin the other day. Yay!

Our guest list is filling up but there is always lots of room in the haunted woods for another carnival lover. If you're here to sign up simply scroll down to the previous post, read the directions and leave a comment on that post.

Marfi and I have been busy creating carnival goodies and I know some of you are already working on yours too. I just wanted to share a preview to give you a little inspiration.

We asked you to create your own silver ticket. You can see I didn't stop with just one when I started working on mine! I'm also including a blank ticket template for anyone that might want to use it. You're welcome to print it and use however you like. Of course we would love to see you create your own too. We can't wait to see all those magical silver tickets!

Have an enchanting September.
We'll see you very soon.



Hazel (Didos) said...

Oh Love your Tickets they are brilliant. I was in the woods the other day and swear theres going to be a carnival here in Scotland too. Heres the blog post witht he evidence ;)


Susan said...

Anna, my husband has been in and out of the Hospital all summer, in fact he just came home today again.Long story plan has been changed a LOT...he was going to build me a frame to put up around my card table that I was going to drape completely with fabric to make a "booth" now I'll do my best with just the table.

I also ordered "custom letters" for the "Carnival" sign and for my booth. They ended up being more expensive than I thought they would be. I bring this up, because I am hoping you will hold this again next year, so I can use them again (with different wares on the table next time) It is a food booth, and I'll be sharing recipes. I wasn't too worried at first but i am on disability and the hubs was forced to retire, so with us both on only SS, it is not great. when i received the invoice for the letters I was shocked, and since it was a custom order, there was no turning back.
I know it is not your issue. I am just saying I would love to see this blog hop again next year. :0

Also, have you stopped with the Practical magic ones? I was looking forward to it this year and had already planned what I was going to do, and give away, LOL!!
Thanks for listening.
Have a great weekend!